Feminine Geometry

Tezer is inspired by lines and shapes made of 925 silver and 585 gold, which we constantly rearrange, combine, row  and shape to dissolve their rigid geometry. Therefore, our designs are not created theoretically on paper or on the computer, but mostly directly with hands on the precious metal. This is what Tezer does naturally. thus we create our own signature that is visible in each collection. At the same time, we continuously develop existing ideas and reinterpret them new. We do not want to limit ourselves to fixed collections that follow short-lived trends, but make jewellery that is timeless.


A team of three

We are three women who always have new ideas. We are Tezer: Sema, who founded our jewellery brand in 1992 in Frankfurt, holds the continuous thread in her hand as designer and managing director. She combines her Turkish roots and oriental feeling for shapes and colors with clear attributes to create an interplay of playfulness and minimalism that is just right for us, from Istanbul and Frankfurt. Bernadeta followed three years later and still takes care of everything concerning goods, orders and logistics. As a walking computer she has the overview at Tezer. In 1998 Stephie completed our trio: She is not only responsible for accounting and invoices, but above all for all communication with our customers. We are colleagues, friends and family.

Wir sind drei Frauen, die gemeinsam immer wieder Neues schaffen. Wir sind Tezer: Sema, die unsere Schmuckmarke 1992 in Frankfurt gründete, Bernadette, die sich um alles rund um das Thema Logistik kümmert, und Stephie, zuständig für jegliche Kommunikation mit unseren Kundinnen und Kunden. Wir sind Kolleginnen, Freundinnen und Familie.

By women for women

Who shapes the development of the jewellery industry? We have observed over the past decades that those who work at decision-making and sales levels are rarely those who actually wear the very same jewellery. At Tezer, on the other hand, we have been creating feminine jewellery by women for women from the very beginning. We have found ourselves as a team that is not about hierarchies, but about design and creation in a family-like atmosphere. With this philosophy, every team member is involved in Tezer's jewellery design and development. This is also reflected in the long-term, friendly cooperation with our partners and customers.

Creating jewellery, running a business, and raising children.

In the Me & Tezer interview series, we want to give a platform to women who have experienced exciting things, pursue unique ideas, juggle family and career, or share an affinity for creativity and aesthetics.

Sema, Bernadeta, and Stephanie are the three women behind Tezer. They kick off our interview series and talk about 30 years of working together as colleagues, friends, and a small family - not always so easy to separate!